Paper and cardboard packaging and interleaving

Specialist in the sale, cutting and processing of packaging and interleaving paper for industrial use, our machine stock enables us to work from jumbo rolls (large diameter factory output) and to respond very quickly to all requests. We also do cutting to measure and custom work.

Specialist in paper and cardboard processing

Located in Brussels, Belgium, our company is characterised by his large flexibility, what allows us to deliver quick answer to our clients various need. Our packaging solutions include the supply of secondary packaging (outer package), interleaving paper, technical papers, alimentary papers solutions…


With his important workshop capability (winding, sheets cutting, cropping, stamping…), Aubry Papier can operates at every steps of paper proceeding. Our team is able to handle short delay !

Our clients are :

  • paper manufacturers for whom we subcontract special cutting or reeling.
  • industry in general and in particular :
  • the food sector (chocolate factories, bakeries, butchers, etc.)
  • the pharmaceutical sector
  • the textile sector (paper for patterns, cutting, design, plotters, protection, etc.)
  • the glass, steel and aluminium sector (interleaving paper)
  • wholesalers in packaging and printing paper