Paper and cardboard packaging and dividers
of all types, sizes and shapes

Papeteries Aubry, a specialist in the cutting and transformation of paper and cardboard, is available to all professionals, whatever your sector of activity. We can offer you a fast, tailor-made solution to meet the needs of your goods.

Food sector

Because the food sector has high requirements in terms of cleanliness and safety standards, Papeteries Aubry offers you high-quality, hygienic packaging that guarantees the integrity of your goods. Whether you run a bakery, a biscuit factory, a chocolate factory, a butcher’s or a cheese shop, all your products require suitable packaging that will preserve the freshness and quality of your food.

All our food-grade papers are certified for use in the food sector.

Greaseproof paper

This paper is grease-resistant and can be used to wrap all types of products with various amounts of fat.

Wax paper

Waterproof and greaseproof, it is ideal for your cheeses, cold cuts, meats and biscuits as it does not stick to food.

Baking paper

Indispensable in bakeries and kitchens, this paper is silicone-coated on both sides and can withstand very high temperatures.

Crystal paper

Cristal paper is resistant to air, moisture and grease. It’s the best option for wrapping chocolates or pralines.

Paper + Aluminium

This technical paper has a gold or silver aluminium coating in addition to its greaseproof barrier.

Non-food use

Whether you need paper or cardboard packaging for your pharmaceutical products, for the various textiles in your shop or for your finished glass, steel or aluminium products, Papeteries Aubry has the expertise to provide you with a solution that is 100% suited to your goods. Our flexibility means we can respond to all your requests effectively.

Brown kraft paper

Considered one of the strongest on the market, this paper, made from natural fibres, is ideal for all types of packaging.

Kraft + PE paper

This kraft paper covered with a layer of polyethylene (PE) prevents moisture from penetrating the inside of a package and absorbs condensation.

Tissue paper

Thanks to its soft, supple texture, it won’t scratch the products it covers. It is often used to protect fragile products in cardboard boxes.

Wax paper

Offering complete protection against water, grease and oil, this kraft paper is soaked in paraffin on both sides.

Schrenz paper

Used as filling paper or light protection, Schrenz paper is 100% recycled and ensures secure transport.

Newsprint paper

Ideal for printing and folding, it is the least expensive choice because it is made from 80% recycled paper.

Masking paper

This product has solvent-proofing properties and is useful for protecting the bodywork during your paintwork.

Silicone paper

Coated with silicone on one or both sides, it is a non-stick paper. It can be easily removed from a product without removing the adhesive.

Cardboard boxes

For 80 years, we have been designing and manufacturing cardboard boxes in various sizes and formats to meet the varied needs of our corporate customers. These boxes are carefully designed using high-quality materials to ensure optimum protection of products during shipping and handling. The versatility of the range available means you can find the perfect packaging solution for every type of product, from small, delicate goods to bulky items.

Custom cardboard boxes

At Papeteries Aubry, we understand the importance of packaging fragile objects, such as paintings or artwork. With this in mind, we have developed a customised service to design “bottom + lid” cardboard packaging entirely tailored to your needs. We also offer the option of reinforcement with memory foam to increase the protection of your objects. We guarantee complete satisfaction for artists and collectors alike.

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