Our machinery:
8 powerful complementary tools for impeccable production

Papeteries Aubry can produce any type of order, whether sheets, rolls, bobbins, coupons, etc. With our fleet of eight efficient, high-performance machines, we can guarantee you fast, impeccable results.

Regularly maintained and upgraded, these machines guarantee superior quality for all types of cutting. Small or large orders, Papeteries Aubry handles all your requests with rigour and precision.

Sheet cutting

Burderhaus laminator

This robust sheet cutter can cut large formats up to 200 cm long and wide. It can produce up to twelve sheets at a time and has a 600 g/m² capacity.

Jagenherg leafcutter

Smaller in size, this machine is designed for precise work. We load reels from 20 to 120 cm to cut sheets from 20 to 100 cm. The knife capacity is 240 gr/m².

Stamping machine: specific cuttings

This machine cuts paper or cardboard into specific shapes. You can ask us to cut out crosses, circles or any other shape.

Roll blanks

2 DCM Panthers

These two high-performance machines cut rolls to size, both in diameter (maximum 80 cm) and width (from 2 to 160 cm).

Spag roller winder

The Spag winder is a counter-top winder that produces fast, accurate work and results. It produces small rolls efficiently and impeccably.

Jagenherg cutter (or splitter)

This machine can slit reels up to 220 cm wide. It can load reels with a diameter of 140 cm and rewind reels with a diameter of 105 cm. It has four knives for clean, precise cutting.

Polar Trimmer

Our Polar trimmer cuts reams of paper to a precision of 0.5 mm. It can cut all possible formats.

The strong points of our equipment

When you choose Papeteries Aubry to cut and produce your packaging and stationery, you can be sure of an impeccable end result that matches your requirements in every respect. We are extremely meticulous about the design of each order we receive to guarantee you the best possible service:

A 100% personalised service

Fast, efficient manufacturing

Impeccable quality

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